XMD系列 CAN到USB 硬件 接口电缆

991728 : XMD系列 CAN到USB 硬件 接口电缆
技术特性 [ + ]

The XMD CAN-to-USB hardware interface cable is a USB 2.0 high-speed device that allows the Controller Area Network (CAN) in the XMD to be transmitted and received using the CANpoint XMD Configuration Software on a computer or laptop.

  • This interface cable is required when using the CANpoint XMD Configuration Software to configure an XMD valve driver,
  • Circuit board is protected by a conformal coating for resistance to extreme environmental conditions.
  • CAN activity LED flashes green when it successfully receives CAN messages and flashes red after any CAN bus errors. The USB LED offers the same functionality for USB communication activity.
  • The interface is powered by the USB bus from the computer.
  • Includes a Deutsch 3-way receptacle and a 120-ohm terminating resistor. A second 120-ohm resistor will be needed in the network.
  • USB cable is approximately 16 feet (4.9 m) long, and the CAN connection is approximately 1 foot (0,3 m).
技术数据 [ + ]
电量要求 USB bus (<125 mA @ 5V)USB bus (<125 mA @ 5V)
电缆长度 16 ft16 ft
适用于 [ + ]

What models can this kit be used with?

  • XMD-01 可配置 单输出 放大器 用于比例阀和电磁换向阀
  • XMD-02 可配置 双输出 放大器 用于比例阀和电磁换向阀
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