1970 - 1979

1970 - We've got an idea

A 40-year-old visionary named Bob Koski hand writes the Sun Hydraulics business plan. The plan describes a methodical approach to product development and a company culture of curiosity and collaboration. Bob co-founds the company in Sarasota, Florida with friend and fellow engineer, John Allen.

1971 – Our first products

We sell our very first product: a gauge snubber - a shut-off device used in laboratory settings. Series 2 cartridges are released and initial standard manifolds include sandwich bodies, demonstrating the suitability of our cartridges for use in high pressure, high duty cycle industrial applications.

1972 – We're in the black

Sun is profitable—a tradition we've maintained every year since 1972.

1978 – The first of many new products

We release our Series 1 cartridges, a downward expansion of the product line. This is the start of a product extension that will lead to one of the most comprehensive lines of screw-in hydraulic cartridge valves and manifolds in the world.