1980 - 1989

1980 – We're going to need more room

A new 60,000 square foot factory is built in Sarasota—even though there are only 50 employees. We close the year with $4.7 million in sales.

1982 – Hello Sun UK

Our first operation outside the U.S. is in Coventry, England. As with all global expansions that followed, we find the right local people and let them lead the way.

1983 – Sun product expansion & Sun Switzerland

We introduce the Series 3 cartridge and launch operations in Switzerland. 

1985 – Another Sun product expansion

We expand the product line again with our Series 4 cartridge. We now offer screw-in hydraulic valves in four flow capacities.

1986 – Manufacturing in the UK & Sales in Asia / Pacific

We build a factory in Coventry, England to manufacture ductile iron manifolds. We also begin establishing distribution in the Asia / Pacific market.

1989 – Enhancing quality with in-house heat treatment

We move heat treatment in-house to improve delivery times and quality control.