Technical Information

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740 Series Coils - Derating Tables 56.42 KB
747 Series Hazardous Location Coils - ATEX Certificate 976.94 KB
747 Series Hazardous Location Coils - CSA Certificate of Compliance 106.22 KB
747 Series Hazardous Location Coils - IECEx Certificate of Conformity 285.26 KB
A Guide to Sun's Counterbalance Families  
California Proposition 65 Notification 198.49 KB
CANpoint Quick Start Guide 3.6 MB
Cartridges: Materials of Construction  
Cavity Information (S-171) and Tooling  
Cavity Tooling Model Code Structure  
CE Declaration of Conformity - XMD 12-2017 133.69 KB
CE Testing Results and Explanation (Bluetooth); 999-991-261 45.73 KB
CE Testing Results and Explanation; 999-991-260 51.97 KB
Conflict Minerals Report 96.06 KB
Conflict Minerals Report 2019 198.15 KB
Counterbalance Quick Reference 93.57 KB
Custom Integrated Packages from Sun  
Data Sheet for Embedded Electronics Digital Proportional Valve Amplifier; 999-991-237 371.15 KB
Data Sheet for Hand Held Programmer; 999-991-229 176.33 KB
Data Sheet for Infrared Cable Adapter; 999-991-232 590.22 KB
Declaration of Conformity for Sun Coils 1.12 MB
Electro-Hydraulic Solutions 3 MB
Electro-Hydraulic Terms and Definitions 2.94 MB
Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2009/19/EC 520.19 KB
Environmental Test Specification for Electrical and Electronic Components; S-367 254.61 KB
EPDM Technical Information  
European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC 167.27 KB
Explosion-Proof Coils - ATEX Certificate 130.61 KB
Explosion-Proof Coils - ATEX Information 116.41 KB
Explosion-Proof Coils - CSA Certificate 402.56 KB
Explosion-Proof Coils - CSA Information 131.93 KB
Explosion-Proof Coils - EC Declaration of Conformity 526.09 KB
Explosion-Proof Coils - IECEx Certificate of Conformity 222.88 KB
Filter Booklet 992.58 KB
Fluid Recommendations: Oil Viscosity, Cleanliness & Temperature  
Hazardous Substances Directive 478.45 KB
Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS)  
Hex Body & Sleeve Assembly Integrity 124.15 KB
Hydraulic System Cleanliness 2.34 MB
Low Voltage Directive 2006-95-EC 497.29 KB
Manifolds: Materials of Construction  
Nichtelektrische Ventile in explosionsgefährdeter Umgebung (ATEX Richtlinie 2014/34/EU) 78.13 KB
Non-Electrical Valves in Explosive Environment (ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU) 112.41 KB
Performance Data  
Position Sensor Pin Diagram  
Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU 497.06 KB
Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU  
Quality Policy 95.3 KB
QuickDesign & SunDesign: Sun's 3- & 5-Axis Solutions  
QuickPrint Custom Catalogue Sample - Direct-Acting Relief Cartridges 1.07 MB
RD*T-Q** Instruction Manual: 999-991-075 108.55 KB
RDDTQ-RDFTQ EU Declaration of Conformity: 999-991-073 510.55 KB
Removing Valves from Ductile Manifolds 73.96 KB
Seal Kit Installation Guidelines  
Seals: Materials of Construction  
Spool Valves Allow Soft Unloading  
Summary of European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and Related Directives 167.27 KB
Sun Model Code Explanation; 999-901-334 343.9 KB
Sun's Floating Style Screw-In Cartridge 1.06 MB
Units of Measure, Settings, and Conversions  
XMD Coil Clip Installation Guide 749.23 KB
XMD Installation Guide - 01/02 892.83 KB
XMD Mobile App User Guide 10.31 MB