AmpSet IR Software


Amplifier Set Up Screen

Sun's Amplifier Set Up Software was developed to simplify system configuration using a PC. Instead of tuning small potentiometers and switches, Sun's Amplifier Set Up Software allows you to set and monitor parameters with common terms and standard units. After connecting an IR Cable Adapter (USB or Serial) to your PC and attaching it to an energized amplifier, simply scroll through to the desired parameter and view or adjust the setting. The Amplifier Set Up Software also offers the ability to read all parameters with one operation. The parameters can then be viewed on the screen in table form and saved to a file for future use. The settings list can then be written to another device for duplication, backup, etc. The table of settings can also be printed for a hard copy record. These features make the Amplifier Set Up Software an easy, effective way to communicate with Sun embedded amplifiers.


View and set individual parameter X
Monitor parameters in real time X
Read all parameters from controller into table X
Write all parameters from table to control X
Load parameters into table from file X
Save parameters from table to file X
Print hard copy of parameter table X


The Amplifier Set Up Software requires a driver for communication with a PC. Driver downloads for 32 and 64 bit computers are listed below. Be sure to install the version that is appropriate for your computer.
Note: For Vista and Windows 7 users, download the file and save to your computer. Find the saved file in Windows Explorer, right-click on it and choose "Run as Administrator". If you are unsure which driver to install, use your computer's Control Panel to view your System Properties.

32-bit Driver
64-bit Driver

Click on the link below to download the Amplifer Set Up Software.

Setup Software for Sun Amplifier

Data Sheet for Set Up Software, Document 999-991-244