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Flow Control, Made Better with Sun
Nov 17, 2023
Flow Control—Made Better with Sun
Feel Your Best Under Pressure with Sun Carrying the Load
Jul 24, 2023
Unmatched Load Holding Performance with Sun
Sun's Newest Products - The name you know, the quality you trust
May 30, 2023
Newest Products at Sun!
New Taimi Swivels
Apr 11, 2023
360° of Superior Connection
QuickDesign Updates
Aug 08, 2022
QuickDesign™ has some new features! If it has been a while or you are a new user, we invite you to give Sun's QuickDesign™ a spin.
NEW! The ecoline™ program is revolutionizing the world of screw-in cartridge valves
Jul 18, 2022
Efficient enhancements that shape the world of screw-in cartridge valves.
Sun Common Cavity
Jul 15, 2022
More Common Solutions for Unique Applications
Culture of Innovation, Collaboration & Leadership
Apr 06, 2022
Sun’s Core Values: Shaping Our Company's Past, Present & Future
Sun Regeneration Valve Assemblies
Sep 30, 2021
Increase productivity and reduce cycle times, all without sacrificing control and precision. Add Sun’s unrivaled quality and amazing customer support, and you’ve got a winning solution.
Precise electro-proportional inverse relief valve
Jun 22, 2021
Smooth, precise control of fan speed with full-flow relief to protect the system if the fan motor stalls
Rugged, Reliable Electro-Hydraulics
Apr 12, 2021
More than 40 electro-hydraulic valves that deliver longer life, better performance and Sun quality.
Photo Contest Winners Celebrate Sun’s First 50 Years
Jan 22, 2021
"50 Years in the Field" Photo Contest submissions showcase Sun's capabilities and our smart technologies for demanding applications.
Precise, cost-effective control for motors & cylinders
Dec 14, 2020
FLeX Series FREP is an electro-proportional orifice & pressure compensator in one cost-effective flow control valve
Introducing the Robert E. Koski Center of Engineering Innovation
Dec 08, 2020
Expanded research and development efforts at Sun Hydraulics find a home in the new Koski Center in Sarasota, Florida
Rapid-Advance-and-Feed Assemblies
Jul 22, 2020
Why reinvent the wheel? Sun's standard solutions are road tested and ready.
CANpoint XMD Configuration Software
May 20, 2020
XMD driver plus PC-based program bring cost-effective closed-loop capabilities to your applications
FLeX Series 3-way directional blocking poppet valves
Dec 18, 2019
Extremely low-leakage poppet valves expand the FLeX family
NEW: Adjustable Priority Flow Control Solutions
Aug 23, 2019
New solutions from Sun provide simple, efficient control of auxiliary hydraulic power for mobile equipment attachments.
Sun Opens New Manufacturing Facility in Kunshan, China
Aug 07, 2019
Sun manufacturing capacity expands in China.
New FLeX Series Solenoid-Operated Directional Valves
May 01, 2019
16 new 3-way and 4-way solenoid-operated directional valves join the FLeX Series lineup.
QuickDesign enhancements add 5-axis, XMD integration, schematic copy & more
Mar 26, 2019
Major upgrade offers even more power and flexibility. And it's still free.
Factory-tuned, optimized electro-hydraulics right out of the box
Jan 31, 2019
Valve, coil and driver assembled together as one easy-to-order part.
Get the relief you need. Adjustable. Ventable. Blockable. FLeX-ible.
Oct 01, 2018
Sun introduces four new solenoid-operated, fully adjustable relief valves with ventable and blockable relief functions - a first for the industry. These RVC* valves add to the growing FLeX Series family.
New Sun Korea factory up and running
Sep 14, 2018
New Sun factory in Incheon, South Korea opens its doors
Our FLeX family of solenoid-operated valves is expanding
Jul 17, 2018
New 3000-psi (210-bar) electro-proportional throttle valves and a new 5000-psi (350-bar) blocking poppet valve leverage FLeX technologies to reach into more applications.
Australia’s Custom Fluidpower joins the Sun Hydraulics team
May 01, 2018
Sun solutions continue to spread across the globe with corporate acquisition of Australia’s largest and exclusive distributor.
Sun finalizes acquisition of Faster Group
Feb 21, 2018
Italian quick-release hydraulic coupling manufacturer joins the Sun team
XMD: Sun's compact, Bluetooth & CAN bus configurable electro-hydraulic driver
Oct 30, 2017
Introducing XMD, the first product from Sun's new line of electro-hydraulic drivers and controllers.
Sun's New FLeX Series Solenoid Valves & Coils
Oct 29, 2017
FLeX Series Solenoid Valves & Coils
Sun Hydraulics Announces Merger of High Country Tek with Enovation Controls
Sep 18, 2017
High Country Tek business will be conducted out of Tulsa, OK, and San Antonio, TX, starting January 1, 2018
Sun Expands Operations in Asia-Pacific
Sep 18, 2017
The new factory in Incheon and new sales & engineering offices in Shanghai accommodate expanding demand for Sun Hydraulics products in the Asia-Pacific markets.
Putting Sun at the heart of hydraulic regenerative braking systems
Jun 21, 2017
Lightning Systems picks Sun for their medium- & heavy-duty vehicle hybrid systems
Keep it clean with Sun filter cartridges
May 30, 2017
Sun filter cartridges save space & save systems
Sometimes it's not whether you stack up but whether you fit in
Oct 26, 2016
Sun's smallest pressure reducing and reducing/relieving valves deliver high performance at low flow rates.
New QuickSelect LoadHolding Selector Tool
Jul 15, 2016
Choosing the right load-holding valve shouldn’t be a game of chance.
QuickDesign with SmartConnect Offers Drag-and-Drop Schematic Tool
May 31, 2016
The shortest distance from concept to solution
CavitySaver multi-function valves deliver single-cartridge solutions
Mar 23, 2016
Reduce cavities, cost and maintenance in your hydraulic systems
Reduce Cylinder Decompression Shock and Cost of Ownership
Jan 29, 2016
How you can use Sun balanced logic elements to eliminate decompression shock.
Protection for Electro-Hydraulics: Weatherized Coil Assemblies
Oct 22, 2015
Protect your solenoid valve from the effects of weather
Pursuing the Perfect Counterbalance Valve
Aug 19, 2015
LoadAdaptive: a new species of counterbalance valve
QuickPrint offers custom, up-to-date catalogues of Sun products
Jun 09, 2015
Sun Hydraulics now offers the ability for you to create your own custom catalogues on demand from our website.
Integrated Packages: Solutions That Grow Your Reputation
Jun 06, 2015
A successful hydraulic solution is more than a design that works. You can build something that simply works using line-mount components and a rat’s nest of hoses. But with easy access to effective value-added integrated solutions, why would you?
High Capacity Electro-Proportional Throttle Valve
Jan 23, 2015
Sun's new electro-proportional throttle with reverse flow check provides high capacity flow control in one compact cartridge solution.
Sun Cartridges with EPDM Seals
Dec 17, 2014
Cartridges for flame-retardant fluids in high-temperature applications
Protect your Hydraulic Systems with Sun Filter Cartridges
Nov 11, 2014
Sun Filter Cartridges offer Protection from Damaging Contamination.
Sun QuickDesign Now Even Better
Oct 07, 2014
Sun's QuickDesign tool now outputs a verification schematic.
Sun Hydraulics Promotes the Fluid Power Industry
Sep 30, 2014
Since its founding in the early 1970's, Sun has shown its commitment and support for the advancement of the fluid power industry in a variety of ways.
Sun Saves Energy with LoadMatch™ Technology
Aug 24, 2014
Use just the right amount of energy to move your load.
Pilot-to-Shift Directional Valves and Proportional Throttles
Jul 18, 2014
Pilot-operated directional and proportional flow control cartridges offer multiple circuit solutions.
Pilot-Operated, Balanced Poppet Relief Valves
Jun 16, 2014
Pilot-operated, balanced poppet reliefs are fast-acting, low-leakage relief valves.
CE/TÜV Certified Pressure Relief Valves
May 01, 2014
Sun RDDT and RDFT cartridges are CE/TÜV certified relief valves in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC (PED).
Tri-Grip Handknob Now Offered From Sun as a Standard Control Option
Dec 02, 2013
Factory Configured on Select Models
High Capacity Solenoid Valves
Jun 17, 2013
Now available: 2-way, poppet style solenoid valves for flow rates to 120 gpm (480 L/min.) with just one valve.
Sun LoadMatch™ Valves Save Energy!
May 13, 2013
Sun LoadMatch™ Valves save energy, reduce emissions and extend engine life.
Pilot-Operated, Balanced Poppet, Anti Shock Reliefs
Jan 10, 2013
Anti-shock relief cartridges offer many benefits over traditional reliefs.
Coils with No Diode - Another Optimized Solution from Sun
Sep 12, 2012
A selection of 770 coils without the transient voltage spike (TVS) diode is available
Sun Offers Zinc-Nickel Plating for Corrosion Resistance
Aug 01, 2012
We've added zinc-nickel plating to our corrosion-resistant cartridge offerings.
Single Page Product "Cut Sheets" Available for Sun Products
May 25, 2012
A single page, printable "cut sheet" is now available for Sun products directly from the product page.
'Soft' Relief Eliminates Pressure Spikes
May 24, 2012
The soft relief valve not only limits maximum pressure but also the rate of pressure rise.
Accumulator Sense, Pump Unload Valves
May 24, 2012
ASPU doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, does it?
Standard Line Mount Manifolds for High Flow Valves
May 23, 2012
Sun is pleased to offer a range of manifolds with optimized cavities for use with our new Series 4 PLUS, high flow cartridges
Series 4 PLUS Cartridges Offer Higher Flows with Lower Pressure Losses
May 23, 2012
Check valves and logic elements are now available in Sun's new Series 4 PLUS family.
Manually Operated Directional Valves
May 23, 2012
Manually operated directional valves from Sun are available in a wide variety of configurations
Sun Expands Corrosion-Resistant Solutions
Mar 12, 2012
Sun has a corrosion-resistant solution for your needs.
Sun 3D Cavities Now Available in Native Inventor 2009 and SolidWorks Format!
Nov 11, 2011
Individual cavities are available for download, or the full Sun cavity library.
Sun Amplifier Set Up Software Available for Download
Jul 25, 2011
Sun's amplifier set up software provides a convenient means to configure the electro-proportional system.
Straight Shank Tooling (Inch) now Available from Sun
Jun 03, 2011
Straight Shank tools for a variety of Sun cavities are available in inch shank sizes.
Solenoid Operated Directional Valves Technical Tips
May 02, 2011
Sun publishes new technical tips on solenoid operated directional cartridges.
Electro-Proportional Basics Explained
Jul 25, 2010
Common terms used to describe electro-proportional products are defined.
Sun's Proportional Valves Enable Meter-in and Meter-out in Motion Control Circuits
Jun 06, 2010
Sun's new electro-proportional throttling valves provide versatility and superior control.
Pilot Controlled Directional Cartridges Technical Tips
May 04, 2010
Sun publishes new technical tips on pilot controlled directional cartridges.
Solenoid Operated Ventable Relief Packages
Apr 06, 2010
Standard Valve Packages Save Energy and Reduce Heat while Providing System Relief and Pump Unloading
Sequence Valves Technical Tips
Mar 08, 2010
Sun publishes new Technical Tips on Sequence Valves.
More Options for Logic Elements with Position-Indicating Switch
Feb 01, 2010
Sun has expanded the logic elements with a position-indicating switch.
Logic Element Cartridges Technical Tips
Oct 16, 2009
Sun publishes new Technical Tips on Logic Element Cartridges.
Sun Hydraulics' Motor Mount Manifolds Facilitate Control and Protection of Hydraulic Motors
May 22, 2009
When mounted directly to motor, motor mount assembly reduces labor costs and eliminates potential leak points.
Flow Divider and Flow Divider/Combiner Technical Tips
Apr 24, 2009
Sun publishes Technical Tips on flow divider and flow divider/combiner valves.
Sun’s Maximum Setting Limiter
Mar 10, 2009
Installation of this simple kit can limit the maximum setting of a pressure control.
Check Valves, Flow Control and Priority Flow Control Valves Technical Tips
Jan 07, 2009
Sun publishes new Technical Tips on check valves, flow control and priority flow control valves.
Sun’s High Flow 2-Way Solenoid Operated Valves
Oct 12, 2008
Sun offers a complete lineup of solenoid operated 2-way valves.
Pneumatic Control Options for Hydraulic Systems
Sep 02, 2008
Pneumatic pressure controls go where other controls can't.
Protect Hydrostatic Transmission Circuits with Sun’s Delayed Shift Hot Oil Shuttle.
Aug 18, 2008
Sun's hot oil shuttle valves with delayed shift can help protect hydrostatic transmission circuit components.
Manufacturing Sun Cartridge Cavities
Jul 14, 2008
Sun publishes Technical Tip on manufacturing Sun Cartridge Cavities!
Pressure Relief and Regulating Cartridge Valve Technical Tips
Mar 14, 2008
The second in a series of revised and updated learning tools about Sun products.
SUN's T-8A Cavity Concept
Jan 16, 2008
Sun's T-8A cavity concept allows an almost infinite variety of pilot and main stage combinations.
Counterbalance/Pilot-to-Open Cartridge Valve Technical Tips
Oct 28, 2007
The first in a series of revised and updated learning tools about Sun products.
Sun Hydraulics First Publication
Sep 11, 2007
Hand typed and drawn in the early 1970's and still an excellent resource.
Repeatable Cylinder Decompression: The "Balanced" Way
Sep 11, 2006
In a cylinder circuit, when using logic elements to emulate a 4-way direction valve function
120:1 ratio, Pilot-to-close Check Valves Designed for Accumulator Circuits
Jul 19, 2006
Pilot-to-close check is designed to discharge accumulators when pump is turned off.
Does Your Manifold Have Worm Holes?
Mar 01, 2006
Manifold Erosion Due to Cavitation
Dual Sequence Application with a "Kick-Down" Twist
Feb 01, 2006
This truck application required sequencing the extension and jack cylinders so that the jack legs extended to full width before the jack cylinders lowered the legs to lift the vehicle.
Finding Sun 2D and 3D Models
Jan 04, 2006
There are several ways to find the 2D or 3D model you are looking for.
Sun Introduces "Inverse Function" Electro-proportional Pilot Stage Relief
Oct 21, 2005
This unique new cartridge defaults to a customer-specified maximum setting with no electrical signal.
Direct Acting, 4-Way, 3-Position, Solenoid Operated Directional Valve
Aug 18, 2005
Model DNDC joins Sun's family of solenoid operated directional cartridges.
Corrosion Resistant Cartridge Valves from Sun
Aug 01, 2005
Manufacturing and design enhancements improve our Corrosion Resistant Cartridge offering.
Sun Product Identification
Jul 28, 2005
"What to look for and where to find it"
Reducer/Reliever Control Option Flexibility
Jun 22, 2005
New control solutions are now available for electro-proportional reducer/reliever applications
Ventable Soft Relief
Jun 01, 2005
Sun's new 3-port, pilot operated soft relief includes a vent port for remote control.
Sun's 5-Axis Compound Designs Offer Distinct Advantages
Mar 25, 2005
We want you to know about everything Sun has to offer for your custom manifold assembly requirements
Reduce Shock with Solenoid Soft Shift Option
Feb 01, 2005
Learn more about Sun's economical solution to minimize shock when shifting a valve or unloading a main stage valve.
Reduce Hydraulic Shock!
Jan 27, 2005
Protect your tank line components from shock with Sun's soft shift option.
The Quick Coupler Circuit
Sep 20, 2004
Prevent potentially damaging mistakes when using quick couplers to connect an accessory circuit to the main circuit.
Eliminate Stalling While Maintaining Optimum Speed
Apr 02, 2004
It may be possible to optimize the performance of a cutting device by automatically controlling feed rate using just a single valve.
Twist and Lock Manual Override for Solenoid Cartridges
Dec 31, 2003
Sun's hand actuated Twist and Lock Manual Override offers convenience and superior reliability.
Direct Mount Bodies Provide a Rigid, Low Profile Installation
Jul 11, 2003
Sun's selection of direct mount bodies bring flexibility, convenience, and added safety to the system.
Solenoid Operated Directional Cartridges with Position Indication
May 27, 2003
Sun offers position indication on a selection of solenoid operated directional cartridges.
Fixed-Setting Counterbalance Valves Feature Lower Profile
Nov 25, 2002
Fixed setting counterbalance valves are available in standard and semi-restrictive version.
Take the Guesswork Out of Logic Circuits
Oct 02, 2002
Sun's balanced logic elements offer predictable switching.
Sun Introduces 'Hybrid' Valves
Aug 07, 2002
These 'hybrid' valves incorporate a relief and a check function into a single cartridge.
Sun Sandwich Bodies Interchangeable with Bosch and Others
Jun 03, 2002
Did you know Sun now offers ISO standard 03 and 05 sandwiches?