Frequently Asked Questions

I need to discharge a large accumulator. How can I increase the capacity of my discharge circuit?
I used a DP** in a circuit but it hangs. What happened?
I want to use your pilot-to-open checks on air. Will they work?
Is the FLeX program available in QuickDesign SmartConnect?
Most of Sun's divider-combiners will do better than the published specs, won't they?
Most of the dividing-combining inaccuracies will average out, won't they?
My load keeps drifting, and every time I take your valves out, the nose seals have been blown out of their grooves.
Other companies make high ratio PO checks. Why doesn't Sun?
Should I replace the counterbalance valve if my cylinder is drifting or moving?
Should I replace the pilot-to-open check valve if my cylinder is drifting or moving?
The LH*A looks like just the valve I need to pressure compensate my load-sense whatever. Will it work?
The supply voltage range for the XMD Driver is 9-32VDC. Can I drive a 24V coil with a 12V supply, or a 12V coil with a 24V supply?
Vented pilot-to-open check valves are insensitive to pressure on the valve port (port 2), aren't they?
What about intensification?
What are the shock and vibration levels the 740 coils are capable of withstanding?
What are the tolerances on pressure settings for Sun's pressure control valves?
What do I need to know about applying sequence valves?
What do you mean by hysteresis when referring to a counterbalance valve?
What do you mean by maximum differential?
What do you mean by the setting of a counterbalance valve and what should it be?