Sun's Compound Angle Drilling

Integrated Package with Angled Drilling

Sun Hydraulics has always employed compound angle drilling in its manifold manufacturing. By incorporating compound angle holes, a number of benefits are realized, including:

  • Manifolds that are physically smaller
  • Minimum "construction" drillings with fewer plugs
  • Minimum potential leakage points
  • Unique sandwich body configurations

Below is a comparison between two different manifold designs. The manifold on the left was designed with 3 axis straight hole drilling. The manifold on the right is typical of Sun manifolds and was designed with 5 axis compound angle drilling.
Drilling Comparison

Incorporation of compound angles in manifold design is governed by good design practice. Sun follows long-established principles that define minimum distances between ports, passageways, and manifold surfaces to ensure integrity of the manifold at its rated pressure.