Serie 2 - cavidad T-3A y cavidad T-5A, Poliuretano cartucho juego de sellos

990003002 : Serie 2 - cavidad T-3A y cavidad T-5A, Poliuretano cartucho juego de sellos
Technical Features [ + ]

Sun offers replacement seal kits for all cartridge models. These kits include all of the external seals on the cartridge along with installation instructions. Seal kits are available in Buna-N and Viton for all models, along with EPDM and polyurethane for many models. Please note: Converting the external seals from one material to another does not ensure fluid compatibility with that material due to the existence of internal seals within the cartridge.

  • The shelf life for this cartridge seal kit is ten years from date of purchase. This date will be printed on the kit packaging.
  • The Series 2, two port cavity comes in two versions: the T-3A and the T-5A. The T-3A cavity is typically used in relief applications which require larger port areas, hence a deeper cavity. The T-5A cavity is typically used in flow control applications and utilizes a smaller port area. Since both cavities are Series 2, two port, they share common seal kits, but exclude the possibility of cartridge interchangeability between the two functions.
  • Polyurethane seals have a higher tensile strength, are more abrasion/extrusion resistant, and are well suited for high cycle and high pressure applications.
Technical Data [ + ]
Series 2
Cartridge Thread 1"-14 UNS1"-14 UNS
Valve Hex Size 1 1/8 in.28,6 mm
Valve Installation Torque 45 - 50 lbf ft61 - 68 Nm
cavidad T-3A & T-5A
Used With [ + ]

What models can this kit be used with?

  • NQEB Purga de aire y poner en marcha válvula
  • RBAA Acción-directa alivio válvula - capacidad de pilotaje
  • RGFA Low-pressure-range, acción-directa alivio válvula
  • RPGC Pilot-operated, pistón balanceado alivio válvula
  • RPGC8 Pilot-operated, pistón balanceado alivio módulo principal con cavidad de control T-8A integral
  • RPGD Controlado por aire, pilot-operated, pistón balanceado alivio válvula
  • RPGE Acción-rápida , pilot-operated, pistón balanceado alivio válvula
  • RQGB Tirar-abajo, pilot-operated, pistón balanceado alivio válvula
  • XCCA Todos los puertos bloqueados tapón de cavidad
Notes [ + ]
  • Install back-up rings and O-rings as shown in views.
  • See installation variations for models associated with alternative installation views.
  • When installing continuous back-up rings, use the same technique and the same care used to install O-rings.
  • When installing cartridge - be sure to torque to recommended value.
  • During 1985, SUN made a running change of all external seals on Series 2 cartridges (1-1/8 in. (28,6 mm) hex, 1-14 thd). The seals were changed from 3/32 in. (2,62 mm) c/s to 1/16 in (1,7/8 mm) c/s o-rings and backup rings.
  • Use the kit which contains the same size (c/s) seals as those used on the cartridge being repaired. Do not change cartridge o-ring c/s sizes.
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