Units of Measure, Settings, and Conversions

Units of Measure

Sun cartridge valves have associated units of measure to describe pressures, flow rates, orifice sizes, etc., as applicable. On our website, these values and/or choices are provided in either U.S. or metric units. For example, nominal capacity is listed at the top of each product page, typically in the form of a flow rate; gpm for U.S. units and L/min. for metric units. (See Unit Conversions below.)

Cartridge Settings

One of the following scenarios will exist for each Sun cartridge valve:

  • The cartridge is adjustable and may have a customer specified setting. With no customer specified setting, the valve is factory-set at the standard setting specified in the CONFIGURATION section of the associated cartridge product page. The RULES box will provide details on the conditions of customer specified settings. When a setting is not required, an adder is applied to the list price when specify a setting.
  • The cartridge is adjustable and must have a customer specified setting. Setting ranges will be listed in the CONFIGURATION section of the applicable product page. The technical information listed on the product page will specify that a setting is required. No adder is applied in this scenario.
  • The cartridge has a fixed setting and is not adjustable. Again, ranges will be listed in the CONFIGURATION section of the applicable page. In this case, a setting cannot be specified.

When customer specified settings are allowed or required, the following units of measure are available as applicable:

  • Pressure settings:
    • psi (U.S. unit), e.g. CABGLHN-2600PSI
    • bar (metric unit), e.g. CABGLHN-103BAR
    • MegaPascal, specified using MPa, e.g. CABGLHN-9.0MPA
  • Pressure Setting Tolerances:

    Sun sets all standard adjustable pressure control valves within +/- 15 PSI or +/- 2.5% of the target pressure, whichever is higher. Custom valves may be subject to different tolerances. Note: It is possible that wider tolerances are observed in the field due to varying operating and test conditions, gauging, etc.

  • Flow rates:
    • gpm (U.S. unit), e.g. FRCALAN-2.00GPM
    • L/min. (metric unit), specified using LPM, e.g. FRCALAN-2.00LPM
    • cubic inch/min, specified using CIM, e.g. FRCALAN-25CIM
  • Orifice sizes:
    • inch, e.g. CNBCXCN-0.047IN
    • mm, e.g. CNBCXEN-0.600MM

Please see our Explanation of Sun Model Codes in pdf format for further details and examples.

Unit Conversions

The primary units of measurement used by Sun Hydraulics are U.S. units (U.S. customary system of measurements).

On applicable product pages, performance curves are provided for Sun cartridge models. These curves include U.S. units with precise metric conversions.

Please note that all other metric units are provided for convenience and the units have been rounded for ease of readability.

Exception to the rule: Some products are designed and manufactured strictly for metric markets and will be represented with metric units only.