ISO 03 sandwich manifold Viton seal kit

990105003 : ISO 03 sandwich manifold Viton seal kit
Technical Features [ + ]

Sun ISO 03 sandwich bodies are designed for multi-functional use to permit maximum circuit flexibility. To provide this versatility, most ISO 03 sandwich bodies do not have counterbores for installing O-ring seals. Instead, these bodies use a special seal retainer plate with a raised "Nib" and a locating "Notch". A corresponding nib locating hole and notch locating arrows are included on applicable ISO 03 sandwich bodies to ensure proper plate alignment. For those ISO 03 sandwich bodies where rotation is not functionally feasible, counterbores are included on the sealing faces and no retainer plate is required. Seal retainer plate only, seals only, and combination kits are available.

  • All Sun seal plates are manufactured to current industry standards regarding passages and mounting bolt locations.
  • The ISO 03 sandwich body can be rotated about two axes. Depending on the rotation of the sandwich body in relation to the seal retainer plate, both the "A" and "B" and the "P" and "T" passages can be reversed.
  • Multi-function bodies are "NOTCH" stamped for all possible mounting positions and all positions should be carefully inspected to ensure that the intended function is properly installed.
  • In every installation, the seal retainer plate nib must be oriented toward the Sun sandwich valve and away from the sublate or manifold. All locating nibs in the sandwich stack must point away from the subplate.
  • Seal retainer plates are included with and used on all ISO 03 sandwich bodies where rotation is functionally feasible.
Technical Data [ + ]
Seal Material VitonViton
Plate Thickness .050 in.1,27 mm
Used With [ + ]

What models can this kit be used with?

  • EB2 ISO 03: Reducer on A with reverse flow check
  • GBY ISO 03: Flow into workports A and B or out of A and B
  • U5D ISO 03: On P with restrictive compensator
  • Z4C ISO 03: On P or T
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