Custom Integrated Packages from Sun

Sun Integrated Packages

Sun Hydraulics' custom engineered packages incorporate Sun's field-proven, standard cartridge valve components with floating construction, ensuring high performance, reliability and leak-free operation. Because of the inherent reliability of our cartridge valves, custom packages typically do not require expensive, sophisticated testing once assembled.  We manufacture custom packages around the world, and typically we can deliver within two weeks.

An integrated package is comprised of standard screw-in cartridge valves and controllers (where applicable) housed in a custom manifold. Once a customer's hydraulic circuit has been identified, it is incorporated into a manifold assembly designed to fit into a predefinded space. Benefits to customers using Sun's integrated package solutions include order simplification, reduced assembly time, cost, and consolidation of the hydraulic control system.

Sun's Angle Drilling Capabilities

All of our facilities use similar processes to design and manufacture custom solutions that are backed by Sun's full range of screw-in hydraulic cartridge valves. All manifolds can be manufactured in either T-6061 aluminum (US) or 6082T651 (EU) for 3000 psi (210 bar) or 65-45-12 high-strength ductile iron (US) or EN16482:2014/ENGJS-400-15 (EU) at 5000 psi (350 bar).

Once a circuit has been developed, the design process begins. Sun's process is different than most other custom manifold suppliers due, in part, to our extensive use of compound angle drilling. We can locate ports, mounting surfaces and holes, and cartridges just where you need them. The true benefit though is Sun's assemblies are generally smaller in size with fewer potential leakage points and construction drillings.

Custom Integrated PackageCustom packages can range from relatively simple manifolds with two or three cartridges to highly complex manifolds containing 20, 30 or more individual cartridge valves. And you don't need a requirement of 500 pieces to justify a custom solution. With our design and manufacturing approach, we are able to provide minimum quantity packages at very competitive prices.

To determine if a Sun custom integrated package is right for you, ask yourself, do I want to:

  • Reduce assembly cost and time?
  • Consolidate the control of the hydraulic system?
  • Fit a control package into a predefined space?
  • Differentiate my equipment/machinery from my competition?
  • Increase purchasing efficiency by ordering only one part number for the entire hydraulic control system?
  • Reduce the amount of hose and fittings in the system?

If the answer to any or all of these questions is yes, contact your nearest Sun distributor, and together we can design a custom integrated package specifically for your application.

If you are interested in designing your own custom integrated solution utilizing 3-axis drillings, try our innovative QuickDesign tool. It's fast, simple, and free.