ISO 07 sandwich manifold retainer kit

990140001 : ISO 07 sandwich manifold retainer kit
Technical Features [ + ]

Sun ISO 07 sandwich bodies are available for many control functions and are offered in two styles. The style is determined by the method used to seal the fluid interfaces. Most of the ISO 07 sandwich bodies make use of a seal retainer plate for sealing purposes. The remaining ISO 07 bodies include counterbores in the sealing faces for O-ring installation. Seal retainer plate only, seals only, and combination kits are available.

  • All Sun seal plates are manufactured to current industry standards regarding passages and mounting bolt locations.
  • The ISO 07 sandwich body is not rotatable in relation to the seal retainer plate and can be mounted one way only.
Technical Data [ + ]
Material Zinc Plated SteelZinc Plated Steel
Plate Thickness .080 in.2,03 mm
Used With [ + ]

What models can this kit be used with?

  • YPFN Solenoid-operated pressure reducing/relieving assembly
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