Factory-tuned, optimized electro-hydraulics right out of the box

Valve, coil and driver assembled together as one easy-to-order part

Sun Hydraulics is changing the way you implement electro-hydraulic valve control in your application. Now you can buy the compact, rugged Bluetooth XMD valve driver coupled with a valve and solenoid coil as one part number. AND to make it even easier, it all comes pre-configured to optimize the performance of the valve.

We dial in the programming for you while the valve is on the test stand, providing a factory-tuned solution to optimize flow and pressure performance. You can install your solution right out of the box and be assured that you will get the best performance from your Sun proportional valves. The before-and-after curves below show how the factory-tuned solution delivers exceptional results.
Factory-tuned solution delivers exceptional results

For the user, this means better resolution and better control over the full input range. Every factory-tuned electro-proportional valve delivers predictable linearity from one valve to the next with no need to adjust in the field. Precision control for your application is ready when you are.

It’s easy to define your electro-hydraulic solutions on our website. Look up any Sun solenoid-operated proportional valves. On the product page in the configuration, choose either the single- or dual-output XMD, choose your coil option, and the page will update the model code for the configuration you selected.  See screenshot below.
Configuration tool on each product page
Even though it’s set up and ready to go out of the box, you still have full control over the configuration. You can use the XMD Mobile App to make adjustments to the input command without changing the optimized performance settings from the factory. You can choose from 0-5 or 0-10 volts, 4-20 mA, pulse, frequency, PWM or digital inputs easily based on your system needs. The screenshot on the left shows the input selection option in the app. 

Input selection on the XMD mobile app

Affordable plug-and-play electro-hydraulics are available right out of the box, ready to install. Check out our electro-proportional cartridge valves to start your own configuration, then contact your local distributor to buy your next optimized Sun electro-hydraulic solution.

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