A Family that Flows Together...

Sun’s flow-control family of cartridge valves are well-suited to deliver optimum control when it’s required. An array of dependable solutions are available, including 2-, 3-, and 4-port cartridge valves for metering and flow regulation. Read on to learn how Sun’s flow control family aid in the essential optimizing of application performance.

FDEP: Electro-proportional, Pressure Compensated Flow Control with Reverse Flow Check

FDEP is an electro-proportional version of the existing FDEA, which is a restrictive style, pressure compensated flow control with reverse, free-flow check. This electro-proportional valve can be controlled by Sun Hydraulics’ XMD valve driver. FDEP’s are proportional from nearly closed up to the maximum flow. An integral high-capacity check valve provides unrestricted flow from port 2 to port 1. Due to the valve’s proportionality, it can be used to slowly ramp up large inertial loads. Applications which benefit the use of the FDEP include lift and lower circuits, conveyors, and hydraulic presses. This fully compatible valve has the capability to be infinitely adjusted using Sun Hydraulics’ XMD controller. 


FDEA: Fully Adjustable Pressure Flow Control

The FDEA is a 2-port, fully adjustable, pressure-compensated flow control, designed to minimize flow variation due to changes in system conditions. These valves include a free reverse flow check and provide optional needle adjustment ranges available for system flow optimization. 

FREL: Industry-leading Pressure Compensated Flow

The FREL is a 3-way, priority flow control cartridge valve. Uniquely designed, this fully adjustable valve can be field adjusted to the required flow for the application. This feature yields space-saving benefits, combining a bypass compensator and an adjustable orifice into a single cartridge solution. This also eliminates the need to specify the flow setting of the cartridge at the time of order as it eliminates the necessity to determine a drill setting for the orifice. The valve takes an input flow at port 1 and uses it to satisfy the priority flow at port 3. If the input flow exceeds the priority requirement, the excess is bypassed out port 2. The valve pressure compensates the priority flow for precise flow regulation for applications where there may be wide pressure fluctuations. Port 2 may also be completely blocked so that the valve can be used as a 2-way, pressure compensated flow control from 1 to 3.

FREP: Electro-proportional Pressure Compensated Priority Flow Control

The industry-leading pressure compensated flow control, FREP, is a  cartridge valve that  combines an electro-proportional orifice and pressure compensator. This valve offers the best performance in situations where constant actuator speeds need to be maintained regardless of the load on the actuator. The FREP’s cutting-edge design provides excellent variable flow control when using a fixed-displacement pump.

FREA: Pressure Compensated Priority Flow Control with Fixed Orifice

Sun’s 3-port FREA pressure-compensated flow control valve combines bypass and restrictive functions in a single cartridge valve. With a reusable, fixed orifice to control the priority flow out of port 3, these cartridges offer stable operation over varying system conditions. With a fixed setting, this valve offers tamper-proof protection in a compact format.

If you’re ready to start implementing our flow control products, contact your authorized Sun distributor, or create your QuickDesign™ circuit today!