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Technical Resources/Reference

NEW! The ecoline™ program is revolutionizing the world of screw-in cartridge valves
Jul 18, 2022
Efficient enhancements that shape the world of screw-in cartridge valves.
QuickPrint offers custom, up-to-date catalogues of Sun products
Jun 09, 2015
Sun Hydraulics now offers the ability for you to create your own custom catalogues on demand from our website.
Single Page Product "Cut Sheets" Available for Sun Products
May 25, 2012
A single page, printable "cut sheet" is now available for Sun products directly from the product page.
Sun 3D Cavities Now Available in Native Inventor 2009 and SolidWorks Format!
Nov 11, 2011
Individual cavities are available for download, or the full Sun cavity library.
Sun Amplifier Set Up Software Available for Download
Jul 25, 2011
Sun's amplifier set up software provides a convenient means to configure the electro-proportional system.
Solenoid Operated Directional Valves Technical Tips
May 02, 2011
Sun publishes new technical tips on solenoid operated directional cartridges.
Sequence Valves Technical Tips
Mar 08, 2010
Sun publishes new Technical Tips on Sequence Valves.
Logic Element Cartridges Technical Tips
Oct 16, 2009
Sun publishes new Technical Tips on Logic Element Cartridges.
Sun’s Maximum Setting Limiter
Mar 10, 2009
Installation of this simple kit can limit the maximum setting of a pressure control.
Pneumatic Control Options for Hydraulic Systems
Sep 02, 2008
Pneumatic pressure controls go where other controls can't.
Manufacturing Sun Cartridge Cavities
Jul 14, 2008
Sun publishes Technical Tip on manufacturing Sun Cartridge Cavities!
Pressure Relief and Regulating Cartridge Valve Technical Tips
Mar 14, 2008
The second in a series of revised and updated learning tools about Sun products.
SUN's T-8A Cavity Concept
Jan 16, 2008
Sun's T-8A cavity concept allows an almost infinite variety of pilot and main stage combinations.
Counterbalance/Pilot-to-Open Cartridge Valve Technical Tips
Oct 28, 2007
The first in a series of revised and updated learning tools about Sun products.
Repeatable Cylinder Decompression: The "Balanced" Way
Sep 11, 2006
In a cylinder circuit, when using logic elements to emulate a 4-way direction valve function
Does Your Manifold Have Worm Holes?
Mar 01, 2006
Manifold Erosion Due to Cavitation
Finding Sun 2D and 3D Models
Jan 04, 2006
There are several ways to find the 2D or 3D model you are looking for.
Sun Product Identification
Jul 28, 2005
"What to look for and where to find it"
Ventable Soft Relief
Jun 01, 2005
Sun's new 3-port, pilot operated soft relief includes a vent port for remote control.
The Quick Coupler Circuit
Sep 20, 2004
Prevent potentially damaging mistakes when using quick couplers to connect an accessory circuit to the main circuit.
Eliminate Stalling While Maintaining Optimum Speed
Apr 02, 2004
It may be possible to optimize the performance of a cutting device by automatically controlling feed rate using just a single valve.