Better Performance is Achievable
With Sun Carrying the Load

When valuable lives are hoisted in the air, reliable load holding technology is at its utmost importance - and that's why you can count on Sun’s excellent load holding cartridge valves to offer the most viable solutions. Additionally, our precision manufacturing and unmatched quality ensure the stability and safety of your heavy-duty equipment. Sun also provides great resources that are readily available to help you decide which one of our many configurations will best suit your application.

Reliable Load Holding Technology
Starts with Sun

Sun's popular CB**  family of valves set the industry standard in load holding applications. When dependability matters, our trusted cartridge valves pass the test by providing exceptional quality and control. Vented and non-vented options are available with several pilot ratios and flow rates possible to meet the demand of your many unique applications.

Efficiency Where it's Needed Most

Compromising between stability (low pilot ratio) and efficiency (high pilot ratio) is a thing of the past with Sun's LoadAdaptive™ counterbalance valves. These valves are multi-pilot ratio non-vented solutions engineered to be direct replacements for CB** valves. When energy and efficiency are important to your applications, Sun's LoadAdaptive™ valves offer up to 30% energy savings.

Sun's LoadMatch™ cartridge valves offer substantial energy savings by operating with lower pilot pressure—without sacrificing performance. This valve was designed to lift various load pressures and has the durability to withstand corrosion in some model types.

Providing up to 85% of energy-efficient power is the resilient and compact eSense™ (pictured right). This low-leakage solution offers up to 90% less oscillation, resulting in superb shock absorption. 

Tools to Help You Choose

Whether you're curious to see how much money you'd save by switching over to Sun's LoadMatch™ cartridge valves or you'd like to view expertly crafted tech tips, we've got you covered with viable resources that will help you select your best load holding solution. Still unsure what valve best suits your needs? Our award-winning technical support team is ready to guide you to the finish line! See additional resources below.

There's a reason Sun’s load holding valves have dominated the competition for more than half a century. Our counterbalance valves ensure users peace of mind by providing exceptional control and stability, making them the perfect choice when safety and dependability matters!