Solenoid Operated Ventable Relief Packages

hilite_solopventrel Sun’s standard Solenoid Operated Ventable Relief valves help to save energy and reduce heat in hydraulic systems. These pre-configured valve assemblies offer a convenient means to provide system relief protection combined with the ability to unload a pump with a simple ON/OFF electrical signal.

In Normally Open configurations, the valve package maintains low pressure until the solenoid is actuated, after which the relief valve will pass oil to tank when the relief setting is reached.

In Normally Closed configurations, the relief valve functions in the typical manner as long as the solenoid valve is de-energized. Once energized, pump flow is ported to tank at low pressure.

Sun’s Solenoid Operated Ventable Relief valve assemblies are readily available as standard packages, and offered with multiple options, including:

  • 15 gpm (60 L/min.) to 120 gpm (480 L/min.) flow capacities
  • Choice of port types
    • NPT, SAE and BSSP threaded ports
    • C61 and C62 flange ports up to 2.00”
  • Up to 25 different pressure ranges (max. pressure = 5000 psi/350 bar)
    • Customer defined, factory set pressure setting is available in all ranges
  • Choice of manifold material
    • T6061 aluminum (rated to 3000 psi/210 bar), or
    • Ductile iron (rated to 5000 psi/350 bar)
  • Line mounting or ISO sandwich (03 to 08) configurations
  • Different solenoid voltages and connector styles
    • AC (115 or 230 V) or DC (12, 14, 24, 28, 36 or 48 V)
    • DIN 43650, SAE J858A, AMP Junior Timer, Twin Lead, Metri-Pack and Deutsch DT connectors (IP69K environmental rated connectors are available)
  • Relief cartridges are offered with a variety of adjustment mechanisms including non-adjustment
To configure your Solenoid Operated Ventable Relief Valve Assembly:
For additional information regarding Ventable Relief Valves, refer to: