Direct Mount Bodies Provide a Rigid, Low Profile Installation

Direct Mount

Sun offers a selection of direct mount bodies for use in cylinder load locking applications. These direct mount bodies allow counterbalance and pilot-to-open check cartridges to be hard piped directly to the cylinder. Mounting the valve rigidly to the cylinder in this manner provides a simplified, clean, and straightforward installation while at the same time maximizing personnel safety and machinery protection.

These direct mounted valves bolt directly to the SAE 4-bolt pad furnished on many actuators and become sandwiched between the actuator and the flange pipe connection. The use of only six bolts, in most cases, to secure both the incoming flange connection and the SUN valve to the actuator port results in an extremely compact package and reduces overhung loads. In most direct mount bodies, dual pilot ports are furnished to allow for improved piping flexibility.

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For detailed information on direct mount bodies for pilot-to-open checks, navigate to: Products: Manifolds: Line Mount: Pilot to Open Check Valves and choose from either 3 port or 4 port direct mounts.