QuickDesign™ Updates
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QuickDesign™ has some new features! If it has been a while or you are a new user, we invite you to give Sun's QuickDesign™ a spin.

Here's a sneak peek of what you will find:

Manifold Assembly with Faster Couplings
  • Taimi Cartridge Swivel Fittings now available!
    • Designed to be integrated directly into hydraulic manifolds, Taimi Swivels are now configurable in custom integrated packages in QuickDesign™.
  • Faster Quick Release Couplings now available!
    • An initial offering of couplings from Sun's sister company, Faster, are now available to configure in your custom integrated package. See listing of style and sizes here.
  • T-382A Cartridge models available for submittal
    • Historically, circuits containing Sun's T-382A cartridge valves (our tiniest cartridges!) were not available for QuickDesign™ submittals due to complexities with how the cavity is handled.
    • The QuickDesign™ engine is now able to provide for a port and/or connection at the top of the cavity (when needed), and to sink the cavity accordingly. Location choices are available on the project's Layout Preferences page. 
    • Sun insert-style shuttle, model CSZN; treated like a 3-port valve, can be located below a working port, construction port, or the bottom of another valve cavity.
    • Sun check valve, model CXZA; treated like a 2-port valve that sits at the manifold surface.
    • Empty T-382A cavity submittals are not currently available for submittal.
  • Improved orifice handling 
    • Much like the T-382A cavity above, orifice cavities are sunk into the manifold and require a port/connection at the top. 
    • Historically, orifice cavities were located beneath a construction port and sunk to a fixed depth, allowing just enough room for a cross port at the top. 
    • The QuickDesign™ engine is now able to sink the cavity to varying depths, allowing for the orifice to sit below a working port, construction port, or the bottom of a valve cavity.
    • Location choices are available on the project's Layout Preferences page. 
  • Standard product circuits available for copying!
    • If you've been around Sun for any amount of time, then you know that we have a SLEW of standard manifold and solutions offerings.
    • Sometimes something close but a little different is needed, and this is where standard product circuits in QuickDesign™ comes in. You can now copy the circuit of a standard Sun offering and make the needed changes in the QuickDesign™ tool, all under your own custom part number. 
    • Copy standard product circuit is available at project setup, or from the project's Documents page, under Project Options. Simply enter the standard product model code in the box (do not include material modifiers as the circuit does not change). If the circuit is not available, you will be able to request the circuit from the Sun CAD file support team.
    • Insider tip: When standard product circuits are available in QuickDesign™, they are are also available for download on the Sun website product page in the CAD Files tab (look for files named 'circuit'). Give it a try with model XQCFLANAK!
    • Please note: Sun QuickDesign™ does not produce 'sandwich' manifolds at this time. 
  • T-18AU and T-19AU Cavities
    • QuickDesign™ now allows T-18AU and T-19AU valve and empty cavity submittals, where previously they were excluded.
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