NEW! ecoline™ program, sculpting the world of efficient cartridge valve technology

Ecoline LogoAs a leading manufacturer of high-performance cartridge valves and integrated packages, Sun Hydraulics has gathered a collection of merited and innovative solutions proven to significantly boost and improve energy efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, and ultimately provide cost savings for the end user.

Sun's new ecoline™ program is comprised of popular products such as the LoadMatch™ cartridge valve, LoadAdaptive™, Series 4 PLUS cartridges, T-18AU & T-19 AU cavities, Sun Cavity & QuickDesign™, and the latest ecofriendly addition, the eSense™ solution. Read on to learn more about the ecoline™ and how these products can work to optimize the efficiency of your application.


This electrifying solution is Sun's newest part of ecoline™. ENERGEN™ generates power for attachments by utilizing an integrated generator that converts power losses into useful energy. With ENERGEN™, power generation for sensors, solenoid valves, and other electronics are all housed in a single cartridge valve.


The eSense™ solution boasts 100% of the performance at 30% of the power consumption when compared to a traditional counterbalance valve solution. Proven lab tests demonstrated energy savings as high as 85% in some load conditions.



LoadMatch Valves
If the function of your application requires the lifting of varying load pressures, Sun’s LoadMatch™ counterbalance valves offers the solution! Applications such as telehandlers or gantry cranes, for example, can benefit tremendously by utilizing Sun’s LoadMatch™ valves. These cartridges boast dynamic self-setting capabilities which react in response to various load pressures, resulting in energy savings by proven lab and field tests of 30% or more! Use our Fuel Savings calculator to see how much you can save by switching to LoadMatch™!


In comparison to the LoadMatch™, Sun’s LoadAdaptive™ counterbalance valve features pilot assist, which boosts energy savings by controlling overrunning loads and providing motion control. The pilot assist functionality provides energy efficiency by minimizing the pressure to reduce the setting of the valve. Consider this solution for your load holding requirements. LoadAdaptive™ is compatible with T-11A cavities.

Series 4 PLUS & T-18AU + T-19AU Cavities

High Flow Manifold and Valves
Entering the efficiency arena with a reduced size and overall weight, Sun’s Series 4 PLUS cartridges are 80% more efficient than a standard Sun Series 4 equivalent cartridge. High flow performance in some applications create less waste which can be attributed to the valve’s optimized cavities. T-18AU & T-19 AU cavities boast Sun’s efficient and legendary design, which is designed with larger port sizes, resulting in reduced pressure drops.QuickDesign Assembly

Sun Cavity & QuickDesign™

Larger port areas equate to less plugs and less potential leak points for the Sun Cavity in QuickDesign™. The Sun cavity was originally designed with efficiency in mind, and lower pressure drops are a direct result of larger port sizes and hit areas.

Manifold Casting

Sun’s EVY/S1 manifold casting also features a reduced weight due to the optimized use of material. Lower losses mean full connections!

Rising economy costs and unwavering power demands in today's world have made it desirable to conserve energy more than ever before. Sun’s new ecoline™ program was designed to facilitate the discovery of efficient products that conserve energy, time, and money.