Reducer/Reliever Control Option Flexibility

reducing/Relieving Cartridges

Our electro-proportional reducer/reliever product family has undergone some changes lately and we're eager to share the news!

Our 3-port, direct acting, reducer/relievers, Models PRDP and PRDL are now available with a manual screw adjustment mechanism.
This adjustment mechanism provides full range control of the reducer/reliever in the event of power failure, particularly important in critical applications. Additionally, it can be used to boost the coil induced pressure under normal operating conditions.
New 3-port, direct acting reducer/relievers with inverse function, Models PRDN and PRDM, are now available.
The inverse function provides a customer-specified (fixed) secondary pressure with no current applied. Increasing the command signal will proportionally reduce the secondary pressure.
New 4-port, direct acting reducer/relievers, Models PSDP and PSDL, are now available.
Pressure at port 4 is directly additive to the valve setting at a 1:1 ratio allowing for remote hydraulic control. The manual screw adjustment mechanism is also available for these 4-port valves.