Solenoid operated ventable relief assembly


Function for XRRK: Normally Closed
Normally Closed
Function for XRRK: Normally Open
Normally Open
Port Designators [ + ]
Modifiers Ports
F, F/S Port 1: 1 1/2" Code 61; Port 2: 1 1/4" NPTF; Gage Port: 1/4" NPTF;
N, N/S Port 1: 1 1/2" Code 61; Port 2: SAE 20; Gage Port: 1/4" NPTF;
R, R/S Port 1: 1 1/2" Code 61; Port 2: 1 1/2" Code 61; Gage Port: 1/4" NPTF;
R/M, R/T Port 1: 1 1/2" Code 61; Port 2: 1 1/2" Code 61; Gage Port: 1/4" BSPP;
Y, Y/S Port 1: 1 1/2" Code 61; Port 2: 1 1/4" BSPP; Gage Port: 1/8" BSPP;
Technical Features [ + ]

This valve assembly provides 2 functions. It relieves from pressure (port 1) to tank (port 2) when pressure at port 1 exceeds the setting of the valve. The solenoid control allows the valve to be vented, dropping the pressure to a minimal level. This assembly is available in both normally open H option and normally closed C option. The normally open option means the pressure is at a low level until the solenoid is energized. The normally closed option means the pressure is at a high level until the solenoid is energized.

  • This assembly is well suited to loading and unloading a pump.
  • The nature of a vented relief is that it brings the pressure up in a smooth manner. Unloading is abrupt.
  • The DAAL-*** solenoid valve extends approximately 1.18 (normally open valve) and 1.48 inches (normally closed valve) farther out from the manifold than the existing Parker valve. The DAAL-*** solenoid coil is not available with a ½ in. NPTF electrical conduit interface, as was the Parker/Waterman coil. If a ½ in. NPTF conduit interface is required, a DAAL-*** valve coil with ISO/DIN 43650 connector can be converted to ½ in. NPTF conduit interface by using a series P560D connector from Canfield Connectors (see for details).
  • Now available with FLeX Series solenoid valves. See CONFIGURATION section, SOLENOID DESIGNATION to specify.
Technical Data [ + ]
Body Type Line mountLine mount
Interface 1.50 SAE C611.50 SAE C61
Capacity 120 gpm480 L/min.
Body Features Sandwich mount through portSandwich mount through port
Mounting Hole Diameter .42 in.10,7 mm
Mounting Hole Depth ThroughThrough
Mounting Hole Quantity 22
FAQs [ + ]

There are exactly 250 Sun drops in a cubic inch or 15 in a cc.

Direct-acting valves are used to prevent over pressure, and pilot-operated valves are used to regulate pressure. If you are unsure, use a direct-acting valve. Sun's direct acting valves are very fast, dirt tolerant, stable, and robust. Sun's pilot-operated valves are moderately fast, they have a low pressure rise vs. flow curve, and they are easy to adjust.

Notes [ + ]
  • Important: Carefully consider the maximum system pressure. The pressure rating of the manifold is dependent on the manifold material, with the port type/size a secondary consideration. Manifolds constructed of aluminum are not rated for pressures higher than 3000 psi (210 bar), regardless of the port type/size specified.
  • For detailed information regarding the cartridges contained in this assembly, click on the models codes shown in the Included Components tab.
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