Continuing a Strong Culture of Innovation, Collaboration & Leadership

For more than 50 years, Sun Hydraulics has remained at the forefront of fluid power innovation. Leadership and Inspiration, Communication, Continuous Improvement, Meeting Commitments, Respecting Others and Doing The Right Thing are the Core Values that provide the moral blueprint of our company. By fostering these Core Values, Sun continually upholds a strong culture throughout the entire organization.

Core Values: Communication

Sales presentation
At Sun Hydraulics, we pride ourselves in setting the industry standard for effective internal and external communication. An essential component of our effective workplace communication is sharing critical information on a regular basis, such as organizational goals and key projects. To maintain authentic, ethical, and innovative growth, Sun focuses on creating a culture of collective sense-making so colleagues can discuss their values and how they want to practice them. Sun is dedicated to ensuring our Sales Channel Partners are always cognizant of new and existing product lines, allowing them the opportunity to best serve the end customer. Moreover, customers are prepped for success during our new interactive product seminars and product demonstrations. In conjunction, these efforts greatly support the company’s strategic vision, sustaining strong relationships with our long-time customers and building new relationships. Free and open communication has and will always be essential for the health of this organization and for effective business performance.

Continuous Improvement

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With Sun’s newly renovated R&D facility, our engineers are pushing the limits for New Product Development and paving the way for future advancement of the hydraulics industry. Everyday our engineers are actively aiming to develop revolutionary products through identifying market opportunities and transforming those opportunities into sellable products. The new facility has greatly enhanced our R&D capabilities, both in quality and quantity. At Sun we have continued to make strategic improvements to the manufacturing operations as well. Our manufacturing team leaders constantly examine and refine aspects of our manufacturing operations to maximize production efficiency. Incorporating Lean manufacturing principles and in-depth product assembly training for new employees helps them to expand their skillsets quickly and effectively, allowing Sun to build a much more advanced workforce. Progressive improvement practices benefit internal and external stakeholders, from customers, employees, and investors alike. Continually improving our products for our customers, processes within the company, and skills for ourselves - this is in Sun’s DNA!

Meet Commitments 

Meet CommitmentsStriving to meet commitments to our customers, suppliers, colleagues, and safety protocols continue to be vital aspects of Sun’s core value model. During the peak of Covid-19, Sun prioritized commitment to the safety of our employees, while successfully minimizing lead times and working diligently to maintain world-class production efficiency. We were able to successfully execute policies for accommodating sick leave and working from home, while fully abiding by the health guidelines established by our regional health and government authorities. Although challenged with seemingly endless supply chain constraints, our team’s resilient efforts to deliver product in a timely fashion helped further strengthen our customer relationships. This relentless commitment to delivering a sustainable and cost-effective product has separated us from our competition in the hydraulics industry. At Sun we never become complacent, we constantly seek improvement in all that we do - in the safety and quality of our services, in our people and in how we compete for business. Meeting commitments to our Sales Channel Partners, hydraulics innovation, quality standards, and robust manufacturing practices for over 50 years has cemented our reputation as the leading manufacturer of screw-in cartridge valves.

Lead and Inspire

Lead and InspireOne of the ways Sun is embodying the Core Value “Lead & Inspire” is through the utilization of our company’s global R&D headquarters, the Bob Koski Center of Engineering Innovation. With the full support of our parent company, Helios, and their Executive Leadership Team (ELT), this facility opened in December 2020 and since has helped fuel the inspiration and imagination of our engineers to develop numerous industry-disrupting products over the past 2 years. In the ever-advancing fluid power industry, Sun’s status as a pioneer of cartridge valve technology is large and in part due to our leaders’ commitment to fostering creativity and innovation throughout all facets of the organization. The Helios ELT is also committed to leading and inspiring our community through various inclusive programs. This is seen in the implementation of our Green Initiatives for environmental preservation, as well as the Helios Engage Platform, a charitable giving platform where employee contributions are matched by Helios. The platform also serves as our bridgeway to the Employee Assistance Fund, which is a program to assist our colleagues and their family members in times of crisis and financial hardship. Together, Sun Hydraulics and Helios Technologies aim to lead and inspire advancements in fluid power and the growth of our community for many years to come.

Respect Others and Do The Right Thing

Lead and InspireSince it’s fruition, Sun Hydraulics has been built around people that pride themselves in always respecting others and doing the right thing. The ability to successfully accomplish any task, project, or conflict, boils down to our colleagues having an open mind, looking for common ground, listening closely, keeping emotions in check, and always seeking understanding. We will always try to do what we say we will do, and our actions will always be guided by an effort to do the right thing. Our dealings with customers, colleagues, suppliers, and each other are conducted with integrity at all times.