Sun Saves Energy
with LoadMatch™ Technology

LoadMatch Group
Featured in Sun's new ecoline™ program is the LoadMatch™ family, and with good reason, too!

Sun's LoadMatch™ counterbalance valves incorporate an energy-saving, self-setting design that reduces unnecessary energy consumption by reacting to operating conditions.

Features & Benefits Include:
  • Valves self-set at approximately 1.3 times actual load
  • No adjustments are available or required
  • Operates with lower pilot pressure than typical counterbalance valves. Pilot pressures are nearly identical for any load pressure.
  • Superior performance helps extend run-time of battery powered machinery
  • One valve model may fit many applications
  • Maximum intermittent operating pressure: 6000 psi (420 bar)
  • Corrosion resistant models available, please inquire

For a complete listing, see our LoadMatch™ Cartridges page.

Sun's LoadMatch™ valves save energy by reducing fuel consumption. Use our fuel savings calculator to see how much you can save.LoadMatch Calculator

Many machines operate at loads well below maximum capacity. LoadMatch™ valves automatically control their setting at reduced loads to minimize energy wasted during machine cycles at less than full loads.
ValveFuel Usage in Gal/hr.Fuel Cost/hr.
Standard Counterbalance 5.4 $21.60
LoadMatch 4.4 $17.60




A test of Sun LoadMatch valves on a Mi-Jack MJ 50C Travelift Gantry Crane (260 hp) used to load/unload shipping containers from trucks and rail cars lowered fuel consumption by 1 gal/hr, a savings of about $4 for every hour of operation.

If you are interested in saving operating costs and making your machine more “environmentally friendly”, consider using Sun LoadMatch energy-saving counterbalance valves for load holding operations.

For additional information on energy savings using Sun LoadMatch counterbalance valves, click LoadMatch Cartridges, or contact your local Sun Hydraulics Authorized Distributor.

LoadMatch™ is part of Sun Hydraulics'  program.