The shortest distance from
concept to solution

Try it nowDefine your specs as you build your schematic. Submit to QuickDesign™. Get your custom integrated package design. Request a quote. All in a matter of minutes. In one handy, free online software tool. Seriously.

Need a faster way to go from concept to solution with your design ideas? This is it. 

Go back to using your bar napkin for its intended purpose, and instead use QuickDesign’s SmartConnect™ to capture your next great circuit idea. This free, browser-based schematic tool allows you to take your idea from product specification to design using drag-and-drop, point-and-click tools. Once you’re satisfied with your circuit, submit it and get a finished package design in as little as ten minutes.

Happy with your design? Ready for a quote? Contact your local distributor and receive a quote on your design right away. What could be easier?

How does it work?

If you haven’t already done so, register as a QuickDesign user. Then start your new design.

QuickDesign with SmartConnect Schematic Tool

(Click image to zoom)

In the new SmartConnect schematic tool:

  • Choose the Sun cartridges you need and drag-and-drop them into the schematic
  • Add any needed Sun and other industry-common empty cavities
  • Drop in your ports and interface patterns
  • Draw the connections

Once your schematic is complete, in QuickDesign:

  • Set your manifold face preferences for components and features
  • Add any required extra clearances

Manifold Face Preferences

Next, submit your project to QuickDesign. The software automatically packages up all the data required to generate your 3-axis manifold design solution and sends it to the QuickDesign automated design engine. Now go get a cup of coffee.

It’s all hands-off during the manifold creation process. All the design intelligence to create an efficient, effective manifold design is in the program, giving you all the tools you need to turn your ideas into solutions. You’re in control.

What do you get?

QuickDesign document outputThe output from QuickDesign includes complete assembly and manufacturing drawings, schematic, connection lists, drill lists and 2D/3D CAD files which are available through your Sun authorized distributor. And one Sun part number for the whole package.

You’re in control of procurement as well. Once it is processed through QuickDesign, you can immediately request a review, quote, and/or detailed outputs from your local Sun authorized distributor.

How much does it cost?

QuickDesign manifold design software Nothing. The browser-based QuickDesign with SmartConnect™ is free. Whether you use the tool to order an integrated solution directly from your distributor or you make it yourself and order your Sun cartridges separately, the schematic capture and design engine are free and available to any registered user.

So you save on software costs. But you also save on engineering costs. And more importantly, you save your most important resource — your own time.

The fastest way to go from concept to quote is now also the easiest. QuickDesign with SmartConnect.

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