Single Page Product "Cut Sheets" Available for Sun Products

A single page, printable "Cut Sheet" is now available for Sun products directly from our website. This concise sheet is suitable for machine manuals, design reviews, presentations, and proposals. The "Cut Sheet" icon is located on the left hand side of the product page along with other page choices such as "Download 2D or 3D CAD File Formats," "E-Mail this Page or Link," and "Print Version."

This new option is a handy, practical tool for anyone needing printed documentation for cartridges, manifolds, accessories, and assemblies.

Information on Cartridge Product Pages: You can change the configuration of the cartridge displayed on the product page by clicking on the Change Cartridge Configuration link at the bottom of the page just below pricing. The cartridge cutaway image specific to your configuration will display both on the product page and the cut sheet.

Sample Cartridge Cut Sheet


Note: If your specific image does not display, use the Request 2D/3D CAD File Formats link to submit your image request.