Sun Offers Zinc-Nickel Plating for Corrosion Resistance


Complementing already available corrosion-resistant valves that have external stainless steel parts, Sun Hydraulics now offers zinc-nickel plating on a widening selection of cartridge valves.

Stainless is the choice for the best corrosion resistance. However, zinc-nickel offers better resistance than standard zinc, with standard zinc protecting to 24 hours in salt fog and zinc-nickel protecting to 1000 hours.

At a list cost of only $20 more than standard zinc for X controls and $30 more for L controls, these zinc-nickel valves are a competitive alternative for corrosion resistance. Machine designers, engineers, service technicians and owners may find zinc-nickel plating an ideal balance of price and performance for certain applications and industries including:

    • Alternative energy: wind and solar
    • Agricultural: fertilizing and spraying
    • Construction
    • Marine
Zinc-nickel is now available on most Sun cartridge models. Refer to the applicable cartridge product page and click on the MATERIAL/COATING drop list in the CONFIGURATION section to view choices. (Note: Zinc-nickel is designated by /LH)

Contact SUN to discuss zinc-nickel plating on additional models.

Contact your Sun distributor for help with your zinc-nickel plating application.