Tri-grip handknob offered
as a standard control option

highlight_Y Control

Sun Hydraulics offers the Tri-Grip Handknob as a standard control option on select cartridges. The hand knob, configured as the Y Control, is an ergonomically designed knob providing a robust and easy to adjust mechanism that is permanently attached to the cartridge. The knob is constructed of engineered resin, with stainless steel and brass inserts. This offers a completely corrosion-resistant external adjustment knob.

The knob incorporates dual functionality in one package. It can be used as a means for full-range adjustment or as a maximum-setting limiter on pressure controls. If a special setting is specified at time of order, the hand knob will be installed as a maximum setting limiter, and the valve will not be able to adjust higher than the special setting.

Ordering Examples

  • RPEC YAN -factory set at 1000 psi and adjustable from 100 to 3000 psi. Hand knob control allows full adjustment within full range (No Special Setting Example)
  • RPEC YAN - 2000 PSI-factory set at 2000 psi and adjustable from 100-2000 psi. Hand knob control option with special setting limits the maximum setting (Special Setting Example)

Y Controls are now available on the following Series 1 through 4 models (Not available on Series 0):

  • NF** - Fully Adjustable Needle Valves
  • NC** - Fully Adjustable Needle Valves with Reverse Flow Check
  • FD** - Fully Adjustable, Pressure-Compensated Flow Control with Reverse Flow Check
  • RP*C - Pilot-Operated Balanced Piston Relief Valves
  • RP*S - Pilot-Operated Balanced Poppet Relief Valves
  • RBA* - Pilot-Capacity, Direct-Acting Relief Valves
  • PB** - Pilot-Operated Pressure Reducing Valves
  • PP** - Pilot-Operated, Pressure Reducing/Relieving Valves

Please contact Sun for additional models.