CavitySaver™ multi-function valves
simplify your hydraulic formula

HRDA relief before check Imagine combining a convertible sports car and a mini-van in one vehicle. You’d save room in your garage, you’d save money in your pocket, and you’d be the envy of all your neighbors.

Sun’s expanding line of CavitySaver™ multi-function valves provides those same advantages (except the neighbor envy), providing cost savings, space savings and lower maintenance while simplifying your hydraulic circuits. That means fewer cavities in your next system design.

For example, if you’re looking for cross-port relief protection, we have the RBFA, a bi-directional, direct-acting relief valve that relieves pressure at both Port 1 and Port 2 in the same cartridge and cavity. This is the kind of CavitySaver that could eliminate the need for two relief valves in a cross-port relief circuit on a hydraulic motor. (See our Tech Tip on "Pressure Relief and Regulating Valves" for circuit examples.)

Or combine a check valve and a direct-acting relief valve in one cavity with our HRDA (relief before check - see photo above) and HRDB (relief after check) multi-function valves. Or a check valve and a ventable relief with our HVCA (ventable relief before check) and HVCA8 (which offers an added T-8A pilot control cavity). Two functions in one cavity.

And then there's the FDCB, a fully adjustable, pressure-compensated flow control valve with reverse flow check that combines three valves in one (see below):

  • NFDC - a fully adjustable needle valve
  • LPDC - a normally open modulating element
  • CXCD - a free-flow, side-to-nose check valve

A partial list of Sun’s CavitySaver multi-function valves is below, with more new CavitySaver products under development. To learn more about our T-8A two-stage cartridge solutions, which also helps reduce cavities in your system, check out Sun’s T-8A Cavity Concept.

CavitySaver Multi-Function Valves




HRDA DIrect-acting relief valve - before check
HRDB Direct-acting relief valve - after check
HVCA Ventable, pilot-operated, balanced piston relief valve - before check
HVCA8 Ventable, pilot operated, balanced piston relief main stage with integral T-8A control cavity - before check
HDDA Two-way, solenoid-operated directional poppet valve - after check
RV*B Normally closed modulating element valve with relief function
DK*P Normally closed, balanced poppet logic element - pressure adjustable
DO*P Normally open, balanced poppet logic element - pressure adjustable
LO*D Vent-to-open, spring-biased-closed, unbalanced poppet logic element with pilot source (versions from port 1 and port 2) with integral T-8A pilot stage
Fully adjustable, pressure-compensated flow control valve with reverse flow check
RBFA Bi-directional, direct-acting relief valve
LPDS Normally open modulating element with shuttle
QCDA 15%-ratio, accumulator sense, pump-unload valve with check - pilot capacity
SCGA Direct-acting sequence valve with reverse flow check

Sun provides innovative ways to save on manifold cavities to reduce cost, space and maintenance. For CavitySaver and T-8A solutions for your specific application, see your local authorized Sun Hydraulics distributor.