Keep it clean with Sun filter cartridges

When a valve fails to work properly, so will your machine.  And the leading cause of hydraulic valve failures?  Contamination – an easy thing to prevent.

But in compact systems where space is at a premium, using bulky canister filters is not an option.  The Sun solution?  Put your filter in a cartridge body and install it in the manifold along with your cartridge valves.  The cavity-mounted filters provide a low installed profile and added system security.  With high collapse pressures, Sun filter cartridges can be used directly in line at pressures up to 5000 psi (350 bar) and can handle flow rates up to 80 gpm (320 L/min).

Sun’s filter cartridges come in two basic types: depth and surface. Depth-style filters are comprised of pleated microglass media to filter the oil and are available with the following filtration options:

Filter Elements Size Comparison
  • 25 micron
  • 10 micron
  • 3 micron
  • 1 micron

These depth-style filters are perfect for removing particles that can interfere with smooth valve operation and are made using clear-zinc coated components.

Sun’s surface type filters are available in 40-micron only and are designed as a “last chance” filter to catch the larger machine-damaging particles before they can reach sensitive hydraulic components.  Their primary purpose is to provide protection from sudden component failure.  These valves are made with stainless components and a 304 stainless steel mesh media.

Product Offering:

Filter Symbol 10 gpm FLDA T-13A
20 gpm FLFA T-5A
40 gpm FLHA T-16A
80 gpm FLJA T-18A

Installation Notes
Sun filter cartridges are made for flow path from port 2 to port 1 and should not be used in reverse, even when using a reverse free-flow check valve.  Filter life will depend on initial system cleanliness and whether contaminants are introduced to the system during operation.  Flow rates are available from 10 gpm (40 L/min) to 80 gpm (320 L/min).
With Sun’s space-saving, system-saving filter cartridges, you can keep it clean and extend equipment life without using bulky canisters. See your local distributor for more information.