Protect your hydraulic systems
with Sun filter cartridges

Hydraulic systems contain multiple parts and vary in complexity, but for longevity and reliability, they all need protection from oil-borne contamination.

If abrasive particles enter a hydraulic system, they may damage expensive components like pumps and motors. These contaminating particles may even prevent hydraulic components from operating properly by causing them to respond slowly or stick open. 

Sun filter cartridges trap and remove these particles to help prevent premature component wear and system failure. Sun filter cartridges are cavity mounted for low installed profile, added system security and to prevent tampering. The elements have a high collapse pressure and are intended to be used directly in line and at system pressure up to 5000 psi. 

Sun recommends using these filters in the following market applications:
servo circuits, precision machinery, variable-displacement pump and motor systems, hydrostatic drives, and machinery in dirty or dusty environments

Common features of Sun filter cartridges

Cartridge Filters
  • Compact - installed in standard Sun cavities 
  • 5000-psi operating pressure
  • 3000-psi differential crush pressure
  • Up to 80 gpm
  • Corrosion-resistant options available

Available in two different types, the compact design of Sun filter cartridges allow them to be integrated directly into any manifold assembly. 

Surface Type:
Protection from Large Particles

Depth Type:
Proportional & Servo Systems

  • 40-micron rating - "Last chance" protection
  • Filter element - mesh construction
  • Complete stainless construction
  • Available in Series 1 through 4 sizes
  • Very low pressure drop
  • 3-, 10-, and 25-micron rating
  • Filter element - pleated media type
  • Superior dirt-holding capacity
  • Available in Series 3 & 4 sizes
  • Low pressure drop

Filtration Ratio Per ISO 16889

Bx(c) > =75
Bx(c) > =100
Bx(c) > =200
Bx(c) > =1000
3 <4.0 <4.0 <4.0 4.8
10 6.8 7.1 8.0 10.0
25 16.3 17.1 19.0 24.0

Product Offering:

SymbolNominal CapacityCartridge ModelCavity
Filter Symbol 10 gpm FLDA T-13A
20 gpm FLFA T-5A
40 gpm FLHA T-16A
80 gpm FLJA T-18A

Sun offers flexible delivery schedules to satisfy any required ship date. We invite you to contact your Sun distributor to learn more about available delivery options.

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