Sun’s Maximum Setting Limiter

Have your field service people ever found a machine with the hydraulic pressure control set beyond the optimum setting? Recently Sun had a customer with a relief valve that leaked internally (an integral characteristic of the valve as specified) who said "We turned the adjustment screw all the way in and the valve still leaked."

Here is a simple kit that will allow you to limit the maximum setting of a Sun pressure control.

Maximum Setting Limiter Control Kit

Sun control kit 991-022 is used to limit the maximum setting of cartridges with an L adjustment control.  Once the kit has been successfully installed, the setting of the cartridge can be adjusted within its range not to exceed the new permanent maximum setting.

Kit Components After Installation

Availability for Cartridge Models

The 991-022 Maximum Setting Limiter kit is available for all cartridge models with an L adjustment control except Series 0, counterbalance, and load control valves.

Features and Benefits

  • Easily installed in field
  • Wrench adjustable
  • Zinc plated steel
  • Tamper proof; once installed, cannot be readjusted above the maximum pre-set limit or disassembled
  • Cannot vibrate loose ensuring maximum set point is permanent

Field Installation of 991-022 Maximum Setting Limiter Kit

Cartridge field installation of the maximum setting limiter is simple and straightforward. Only ordinary hand tools are required. To view installation instructions, click here.

Factory-Set W Control Option

This kit is also available factory-set as the W control option on select cartridge models:

  • PB*** pressure reducing valves
  • PP**, PR**, and PV** pressure reducing/relieving valves
  • RDDA, RPEC, RPGC, RPIC, RPKC, RVCD, and RVED relief valves
  • RSDC and RSFC sequence valves
  • RVEB modulating element valve

Note: Cartridges ordered with the W control option require a customer specified setting.